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3rd March 2017

In finance, staying on top of the game involves constant research, adaptation and ongoing training. With the new knowITdigital site, advisers now have the most powerful financial planning tool available in the market. You may have been familiar with the previous Strategy Steps site which set the industry standard.

In its place, knowITdigital raises the bar. The changes are exciting because, ultimately, they’ll deliver better workplace solutions to you as well as boost your business prospects. The new Home page outlines the valuable and informative changes that will help you immediately. Inside, the content has been reorganised and re-labelled in a few places – Latest News becomes Updates and there is a new tab called Newsletters. Over time, these changes will become more intuitive as we broaden and deepen the content. Embedded within knowITdigital – for subscribers only – is the masterpiece previously known as Desk Caddie.

Now called “wealthdigital powered by Desk Caddie”, it combines research, planning and strategy facilities as well as workflow and management tools to help drive better business outcomes. We truly value our clients’ opinions – after all, that’s why these changes have come about. So we’ll continue to refine, improve and build on the available tools to help you create a more profitable practice.

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