Coaching Model

Our coaching model is based on the GROW model thought to largely have been developed by Alan Fine and Graham Alexander along with former racing car champion Sir John Whitmore during the 1980s and 1990s and which is arguably the most successful model of coaching being used today.

The basic four tenants are:

  1. Goals – what do you want?
  2. Reality – where are you now?
  3. Opportunity/Options – what could you do?
  4. Way Forward – what will you do?

The GROW model is incorporated at a micro level within each of the executive coaching meetings and at a macro level across each bespoke coaching program.

Wayne’s approach to coaching is to:

  • facilitate the executive to set short, medium and long term goals that are specific, achievable, measurable, realistic and timely
  • create a heightened level of self-awareness in the executive so that they clearly understand the gap between where they are at any time and the goals they are pursuing
  • expand the thinking of the executive as to the possibilities in front of them and help define those into a realistic and achievable sub set of options to help them reach their goals
  • confirm and quantify the actions the executive will take over any given period to pursue and achieve their goals and review the outcomes of those actions systematically throughout the program

Designing the Program

Each bespoke coaching program is created out of discussion with the sponsor and the executive and is a combination of the following meeting types.

Meeting Types

Our executive coaching and mentoring methodology is made up of a number of different types of meetings and each program will be designed around the executive and their sponsor’s needs.

Sponsor Engagement Meeting – 1 hour

Sponsors are usually the executive’s manager, a human resource’s representative or in some cases a chairman or board member. The sponsor engagement meeting allows the sponsor to outline what they hope will be achieved through the coaching engagement and highlight key areas they wish their executive to focus on as part of the overall process. These then form part of the Goals component of the program. This meeting also sets the feedback requirements for both the executive and the coach to the sponsor.

Executive Coach Introduction Meeting – 1 hour

This meeting enables the executive to explore in general terms what they are looking to achieve from the program and to determine if they feel comfortable working with Wayne as their coach to achieve those aims. In this meeting, Wayne will explain the GROW methodology that will inform each meeting and the program

Program Orientation Meeting – 2 hours

This is the start of the coaching engagement and sets up the program of meetings for the year and sets the aims of the program in line with the sponsor’s and the executive’s perspectives. It deals with timing issues around work and family obligations and determines the best way to conduct the meetings for the executive with options being:

  • Face to face during work hours at the executive’s place of work
  • Face to face during work hours at an offsite location
  • Face to Face outside of work hours at the executive’s place of work
  • Face to Face outside of work hours at an offsite location
  • Video conference during work hours
  • Video conference outside of work hours

This is also the discovery meeting for the coach to determine what other third party assessments may be available as resources and to determine if additional psychometric or capability based assessment would be valuable resources.

Sponsor Review Meeting – with or without executive – 1 hour

These meetings provide feedback to the sponsor on areas of focus and achievement during the coaching program and provide for additional input from the sponsor to the program

Executive Coaching Meeting – 1.5 hours

These are the main coaching meetings between the executive and the coach and follow a regular agenda:

  • Review of previous meeting and aims
  • Progress on aims to date and ticking off achievements
  • Discussion of current activities, resourcing requirements and road blocks
  • Open forum led by executive
  • Prioritising and setting next areas of focus

All the time incorporating the GROW methodology at both a micro and macro level.

Program Review Meeting – 1 hour

This meeting is held at the end of a twelve-month cycle to enable the sponsor, executive and coach to review progress of the program and reset expectations for the following year or conclude the coaching program.

Problem Solving / Mentoring Meetings – 1 hour

These are ad-hoc meetings that can be requested by the executive to deal with specific issues or needs that arise during the program. They will mostly take the form of video or phone conferences.

A typical 12-month program

Each program will be designed around the needs of the sponsor and the executive. A typical sponsored program would look like the program below and be conducted over a 12-month period:

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Belrose NSW 2085
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