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Legislation is constantly changing and financial planning strategies which once worked may no longer be viable or may have different requirements. Keeping up to date with those changes can be difficult and time-consuming. Knowing where to go for reliable answers when you need them for clients is critical.

wealthdigital is an advice tool that is constantly updated by leading industry experts. Subscribers can always be in touch with current rules, the steps for implementing strategies and tips for building their businesses.

It’s a technical library, a compliance tool and a business-building opportunity all in one place. And because it’s online, it provides around-the-clock access, seven days a week.

The library at the core of wealthdigital has supported financial advisers for more than 15 years, and our team is constantly updating and improving the content. It’s already widely accessed in the financial services industry.

Supporting dealer groups (AFSLs)

Have you arranged adequate technical support services for your financial advisers? Let us help you with cost-effective solutions to either boost your in-house capabilities or by providing an outsourced solution. With knowITdigital on board, become a dealer group of choice and minimise your compliance risks.

How we can help

ASIC is becoming increasingly vigilant about ensuring AFSLs keep their financial advisers well-trained and supported. In house, advisers are turning to their AFSL for that support. Understandably, the pressure is mounting on operational cost bases. wealthdigital is a cost-effective way to boost a planning firm’s technical support and capabilities, whether an in-house technical team is available or not.

But wealthdigital is more than just a technical library. It also provides a range of practical tools including flowcharts, checklists, case studies, tips and quick calculators to help provide intuitive advice. The user-friendly format helps boost financial advisers’ skills and to identify business opportunities with new and existing clients.

The Advice Library component of wealthdigital has supported financial advisers for more than 15 years, and our team is constantly updating and improving its content. It only gets better with age.

The value to your business

You can offer your advisers access to wealthdigital as a dealer service and, in some cases, provide access to it through a link on your internal website. This can boost your business by:

  • Increasing business potential for your advisers
  • Providing greater consistency and quality of advice
  • Broadening the technical competencies of advisers
  • Reducing compliance risk
  • Allowing greater focus on client opportunities
  • Providing checklists and a wealthdigital GBP tool to provide compliance records for implementation of advice
  • Minimising your operational costs

Supporting practices

Build your own virtual in-house technical team with a subscription to wealthdigital and receive the wealthdigital GBP as an added bonus. wealthdigital provides online support to help:

  • Boost your business opportunities
  • Keep you up-to-date with legislative and regulatory changes
  • Provide instant access to a range of tables, rates, links and templates
  • Build bespoke strategy plans to deliver goals-based advice to clients
  • Step you through the implementation of advice strategies

Empower your team with a subscription to wealthdigital to provide you with technical support across:

  • Super
  • SMSFs
  • Income Streams
  • Estate Planning
  • Investments
  • Social Security
  • Aged Care
  • Tax
  • Study
  • Gearing
  • Investing for children
  • Disability
  • Inpats/Expats
  • Personal Life Insurance
  • Asset Protection
  • Redundancy and Termination
  • Running a business
  • Budget and reforms

Supporting product providers

Do you need help positioning your products with financial advisers or to highlight the strategic opportunities? Or are you looking for new ways to support the dealer groups and advisers that you partner with?

How we can help

knowIT digital has a team of experts with legislative and portfolio construction backgrounds, and our main focus is on strategy development from a client perspective. Let us bring you new insights, technical skills and an understanding of what advisers are looking for.

The value to your business

We offer a range of customised services to product providers. We can help by:

  • Supporting the development of marketing materials to promote your products to financial planners
  • Developing SOA templates to explain your products for easy use by planners
  • Providing training to your staff
  • Organising expert speakers for your personal development day or conference presentation
  • Giving guidance on how to position your existing or new products

You could also think about subsidising subscriptions to our services as a value-add to advisers you work with.

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